Who are we?

The Notion is a fledling alternative news source, not for students, for once.

It often feels students are the focal point and target of our news outlets. We’re a little bored of that. It’s always said that Students are the most vocal, most active and most likely to push for change – why? because they’re the most informed. Most websites have a student section, most universities have a paper and most students can argue, but what gets left behind? You, the fellas and fellats working like Dolly Parton.

The working bunch have limited access to independent arguments and purpose made-journalism and can often get their information from the volatile MSM, which feels more and more Janus-Faced. I mean, it’s no wonder people voted Boris if they were reading the Daily Mail: As our pal Jezza C said after the 2019 election:

“I read the Daily Mail, there was page after page of how evil I was, and I thought my God I wouldn’t want to live I the same street as this fella Corbyn, he’s obviously totally evil and bad news in every way”

Jeremy Corbyn – Double Down News

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